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Overcome tech neck and it’s symptoms with these simple exercises!

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Who is this for?


Do you have pain or discomfort in your neck? Are you someone who works at a computer all day? Do you spend a lot of time looking at your phone? Then OVERCOMING TECH NECK is for you! There are 3 levels based on your level of pain and level of fitness:

What exactly is "Tech Neck"?

Most of us nowadays are constantly either looking down at our phones, working at computer/laptop or watching television. These activities cause a decrease in the curvature of the spine in the neck, leading to ‘forward head carriage’ or ‘tech neck’. This decrease in curvature increases the pressure on the spine, tightens the muscles through the back of the neck and shoulders, and weakens the muscles at the front of the neck. This can lead to pain, decreased movement, tightness of the neck and shoulder muscles and overall discomfort of the neck and upper back. A person with ‘tech neck’ can look like they have a hunch or hump in their upper back. 

What Can overcoming tech neck do for you?

These simple exercises, done consistently, can help to strengthen the muscles at the front of the neck, increase joint mobility of the spine and help to improve the overall curvature of the spine, leading to less pressure on the spine. This means less pain, more mobility, and a healthier spine.

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Take a full month to try this out for yourself, and, if for any reason, you are not satisfied with your results, simply send an email to the address we give you on the instant download page and we will refund you, no questions asked.

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