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reduce workers compensation claims, absenteeism and increase staff productivity

Prolonged sitting and physical labor can damage posture and lead to various pains. We help businesses promote healthy posture to prevent these problems

How we help

Problems we solve

Office workers sit for long periods with bad posture, affecting their health. We provide two services to help your business take care of your staff and maintain their posture

Add Value To Staff

A great way to add value to your staff’s health and show them that you care

Reduce Worker's compensation Issues

Our Program Is An Excellent Way To Keep Worker’s Compensation Issues Low ​

Reduced Sick Leave

Taking care of your staff’s spines will cause less time to be taken off as sick leave 

More Productivity

Prolonged use of laptops while hot desking and working from home during COVID has led to posture issues, which can be improved for increased productivity

Posture Warriors
Posture Warriors Video Training

Exercises to fix your posture and give you more energy

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Posture and spinal screenings

The posture and spinal screenings are complimentary services we gift to businesses with 10+ staff. This is a quick and easy 3 step process.

How does it work?
  1. We will book a 2-3 hour time period to come to your office and setup
  2. You will book each staff member to see Chana every 10 minutes
  3. Chana will assess each staff member and provide feedback
The Assessment:
  1. Dr Chana will complete a 5-minute check with each staff member and determine how their posture affects their spine.
  2. ‘This is followed by a 5 minute consult to highlight any other issues they may need to attend to
Corporate posture screening chiropractor
Corporate posture screening chiropractor

Ergonomic Assessments

We will assess each staff member to ensure they work in a healthy environment and posture.

The Process:

We will attend your office and perform an in-depth check with each staff member, including:


Assessment of:

  1. Height of desk
  2. Height of person
  3. How they are sitting at the desk
  4. Equipment


We will then provide a report on each staff member with the next steps they can take to rectify any issues we find in the work environment.

Want to find out more about how Ergonomic Assessments?

Ergonomic Assessments
Ergonomic Assessments

Dear business owner or manager,

Recent studies show that poor posture can result in the average worker losing 3.5 hours per week in productivity time due to headaches. In addition, they can also lose up to 5.2 hours per week in productivity time due to lower back pain.

Desk workers (managers, administrative staff, and clerks) spend hours in front of their computer screens which can cause bad posture.

Other employees, like mechanics, spend hours twisting and contorting their bodies, working under cars, and lifting heavy objects.

And over time, these activities compound and develop into acute conditions.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The damage will compound over time when these issues aren’t addressed appropriately and quickly—leaving your staff with even more complications at work and home.

And even worse, their work, and productivity, will suffer until they are forced to stay home, on sick leave, to recover. This can become a Worker’s Compensation claim.

We can help you identify your staff’s posture issues before they deteriorate.

The potential benefits of the posture analysis for your staff are:

  1. Increased productivity from staff that are less tired and not experiencing pain
  2. Decreased absenteeism and time off
  3. A minimisation of workplace injuries from repetitive strain
  4. Better posture allows for better concentration and creativity

You now can nip this problem in the bud and start the journey to increase productivity by reducing sick leave and Workers’ Compensation Claims.

Take the first step to improving your staff’s health by reviewing your workplace’s ergonomics.

Golden Spines will come to your workplace and give free posture checks to your staff or complete a full ergonomic assessment of your workplace.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Chana

Chana Sztajer chiropractor

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Any Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer your pressing questions

We provide this service for medium to large size businesses. Each session is 2-3 hours, and we can see up to 30 people. If you need more sessions, they can be arranged.

We come to you! All we ask is a small room to work from – we need a space about 2m x 3m long at minimum.

This service is usually $87 per patient, but for you, it will be complimentary for all your staff. Not only that, any staff that would like to do a follow-up consultation will get a 50% discount on an initial consultation at the Golden Spines Chiropractic clinic (conditions apply).

Chiropractors are most definitely registered and licensed practitioners. To become a chiropractor, one must spend at least five years at university, starting with a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Masters of Chiropractic. They have each completed over 5000 hours of lectures and tutorials in areas such as Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology and, of course, specialised Chiropractic studies. Students spend their final year working with patients in supervised clinics around Sydney, as well as in field work at various carnivals and charity events, that ensures graduates a real, practical knowledge before completing their studies.

Once graduated, chiropractors must register with the Chiropractic Registration Board which continually checks and ensures that chiropractors have met professional and educational standards to treat safely and effectively. Chiropractors also have to complete ongoing education to maintain their association membership to be registered with the Chiropractic Association of Australia, of which Chana is a member.

The potential benefits of the posture analysis for your business are;

–        Increased productivity from staff that are less fatigued and not experiencing pain

–        Decreased absenteeism and time off

–        A minimisation of workplace injuries from repetitive strain

–        Better posture allows for better concentration and creativity

The benefits for you are;            

–        Peace of mind for management

–        Availability of staff to complete work required

–        Less reliance on casual staff, which may be difficult to find and who will not perform to the same level as existing, experienced staff

–        Increased profitability

  • Less likelihood of injury and, therefore, less stress around the loss of work and, therefore, potential income that they need to bring home
  • Feeling more energy and productivity in the workplace
  • Increased morale and confidence in their managers and their company
  • Increased loyalty to their company
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