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Unwrap Safety: Avoiding Spine-Tingling Travel Mishaps This Holiday Season

avoid spine tingling travel mishap 1Some main causes of back pain, neck pain and other injuries while travelling during the holidays.

Holidays are supposed to be when we relax, have fun and recharge before returning to reality. A lot of us travel to exotic locations or back home for Christmas. As a chiropractor, however, I do see a lot of injuries that occur during this time. Here are some of the common issues I see and the causes that can lead to these.

4 Common Causes of Holiday Injury

  1. LuggageCarrying luggage often leads to back strain due to lifting unfamiliar weights with incorrect posture. This risk increases during air travel, particularly when retrieving luggage from the carousel. People tend to reach for their bags prematurely, resulting in twisting movements that may lead to back injuries.
  2. Long flights

    avoid spine tingling travel mishap 2Now you’re on the aeroplane, time to relax, yes? Unfortunately, extended periods of air travel often contribute to neck and back pain. This is mainly due to prolonged sitting in cramped spaces. The confined seating arrangements on aeroplanes limit movement and proper posture, leading to strain and discomfort in the neck and back muscles.Remaining seated for extended durations also places continuous pressure on the spine, which can result in stiffness, soreness, or even muscle spasms. Additionally, the lack of ergonomic support in most aeroplane seats and inadequate lumbar support can exacerbate the issue, causing discomfort and contributing to post-flight discomfort.

  3. Playing unfamiliar sportsIt’s a beautiful day, and you’re on holiday, so why not play golf? Or beach volleyball? Maybe footy or backyard cricket? The truth is, most people will play some sort of sport or do an activity that they are not used to. This often triggers back pain due to the body’s unaccustomed movements and muscle use.

    When participating in a sport for the first time or one that differs significantly from regular activities, the body adjusts to new postures, demands, and muscle engagements. This abrupt change can strain or overload certain muscles, ligaments, or tendons, leading to discomfort or pain in the back. Additionally, improper form or technique while learning these new sports can also place undue stress on the spine, exacerbating the risk of injury or discomfort.

  4. Sight-seeing

    avoid spine tingling travel mishap 3So you’re finally at your destination – time to see the sights!! Exploring new sights through sightseeing can, however, inadvertently lead to injuries, often due to prolonged periods of walking or standing.Continuous walking on uneven terrain, navigating crowded tourist spots, or climbing stairs and hills can strain muscles and joints, especially if one is not accustomed to such activities. Carrying heavy bags or backpacks while touring can also contribute to shoulder, back, or neck pain. Additionally, frequent bending or awkward postures while taking photos or leaning over railings to view attractions may strain the back or cause muscle fatigue.

Our next blog will detail some of the ways to prevent these injuries from occurring. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact us at Golden Spines Chiropractic Chatwood at 02 94122722 or email us at

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